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Engineering is a key to successful project implementation. Engineering sector can increase the qualitative capabilities for targeting large value projects by a shift from is landed to integrated operations with the aid of AV Star Technologies Engineering Business solutions. It is the best investment you would have ever done.

AV Star Technologies for Engineering, Procurement & Construction solution reflect our decades years of experience in working with customers – and providing leading-edge solutions to meet their needs. With Nippon Data, you can improve the performance of all business processes within your project and facility life cycles; collaborate more closely with suppliers, subcontractors , operators, and customers; become more competitive; track in-house and contract manpower, manage your expensive earth-moving equipment machines more effectively, assure revenue and achieve your business goals.

Banking & Financial - changing the way you interact with your customers

AV Star Technologies in design and development of financial products & services fundamentally changing the way in way you interact with your customers.

Banking & Finance today have become the basic amenity any financial institution must deploy for streamlining their operations. It facilitates banks and cooperative societies to continually meet customer expectations while facing critical challenges revolving around profitability, compliance, bad loans and more.

Our CBS is a comprehensive core banking software solution for banks built on advanced web technologies. Its platform-independent, open-system architecture and cutting-edge technology enables smooth integration with existing and future systems of financial institutions. It helps automate front-end and back-end processes of banks to achieve centralized and smooth processing.

Health and beauty distributors know the importance of running an efficient and effective supply chain. However, you face many unique challenges, such as retailer compliance issues, managing long lead times, monitoring production schedules and more. AV Star Techlogies solution includes all of the industry-specific functionality you need to simplify your complex supply chain and increase team member productivity.

ERP for Cosmetic Industry.Cosmetics manufacturing organisations require precise controls and quality management processes to sustain profitable success in such a competitive market. Lot tractability, QA testing, product change controls, FDA compliance, and managing product formulas are all examples of the many challenges Cosmetics manufacturers face every day to run their business.

Many Cosmetics manufacturing companies still find themselves struggling with disparate systems, paper-based processes, and redundant data entry (and re-entry!).

AV Star Techlogies
Staying competitive in the personal care products industry requires reducing the manual processes that hinder productivity and automating and streamlining standard methodologies for quality and compliance processes.

AV Star Techlogies 
enables health and beauty manufacturers, importers and distributors, to improve supply chain visibility, agility and collaboration across their entire supply chain.

AV Star Technologies designed for the packaged food industry is mainly useful for those companies which are having their depot, super stockist,  dealer and sales agent across a significant geographical area. We have a design solution to help companies operate more efficiently, comply with food safety regulations and scale their business. Using AV Star Technologies, the packaged food industry can manage the supply chain in a high-tech way. The packaged food industry can maintain their inventory better, apply lot tracking to all raw materials and operate on a first-expiry-first-out (FEFO) production schedule

Whether you private-label, co-pack or a production line of snacks, floor or noodles AV Star Technologies for packaged food industry supports your unique food manufacturing requirements in product development, production, quality, costing, compliance, planning, scheduling and warehousing.

Tube & Pipe manufacturers have unique requirements with them, and AV Star Technologies is explicitly designed to handle those in a single solution. The AV Star Technologies software an enterprise software for CS / SS / MS Tube / Pipe Manufacturer including Welded, Seamless and ERW. A typical challenge for pipe and tube processors includes handling multiple responsibilities like inventory and material tracking, to maintaining control and visibility across numerous shop floor processes, the responsibilities are far-reaching. Developed by steel and metals industry experts who recognize the pain points and unique challenges you face, AV Star Technologies provides a custom software solution. AV Star Technologies tackles the challenges pipe, and tube processors face in their day-to-day operations.

Working with some of the biggest companies within the tube & pipe industry, we have been implementing AV Star Technologies solutions for many years. AV Star Technologies offers real-time formula management, weight calculation, dynamic process route card management and many more key hurdles of Tube & Pipe manufacturers

Casting & Foundry
Casting is the process where metal heats until molten. While in the molten or liquid state it is poured into a mold or vessel to create the desired shape. AV Star Cast ERP for Investment Casting – is a way to integrate the data and processes of an organization into a single system. It is a very modern ERP Solution specifically built for micro and small scale industries for Foundry Analysis. It is a straightforward & perfect tool to analyses each & every department activities on a single window.

For Manufacturers, it is essential to control rejection & growth of Production day by day, which is also provided by AV Star Cast ERP. AV Star Cast ERP is useful for Iron Foundry, Steel Sand Foundry, Investment Casting, Lost Wax & Lost Foam Casting Industries. AV Star Cast ERP has developed a basic framework of software as a customized project and later our system designing team has upgraded in advance Casting / Foundry ERP.

Challenges faced by casting industries is to meet on-time customer delivery schedules, reduce quality cost (rejection), better & efficient energy utilization, inventory carry cost and labour utilization. AV Star Cast ERP specifically designed & implemented in the number of foundries across Australia & India, enabled with best practices of Foundry Industries to meet the above challenges

As per the requirement of industry, we have designed the MIS reports that help the company to get the complete details of their tools, die, inventory, production, dispatch, rejection, the budget of financial year and company can decide to improve the performance. Raw material’s chemical characteristics can manage at the heat level, and upstream and downstream usage analytics are always available. Test Reports and Material Certifications are built-in to AV Star Cast ERP and can be delivered automatically with the various customer via auto email facility. Test reports and any other relevant data can be sent through SMS also.

Paint Industry is a huge industry catering to every sector, household and infrastructure. While it may not seem to be, a primary industry affecting processes of other industries directly, it sure does have the volume and the complexities of processes. Paints can bring anything they touch to life, be it a little bottle cap or a large sports car, hence adding up to a never-ending demand for the same across the world. Make sure that there is sync in the market and the supply, we have AV Star Technologies for Paint industry which is a handy solution for seamless management of processes within the paint industry.

Whether you private-label, co-pack or produce your line of residential, commercial or industrial paints and coatings, AV Star Technologies for Paints & Coatings supports your unique chemical manufacturing requirements in product development, production, quality, costing, compliance, planning, scheduling and mobile warehousing. AV Star Technologies built-in formulation management allows you to scale formulations and components, view regulatory materials, and manage quality control requirements directly from the single-system. Whether your R&D team formulate products using Ph, solids, or other parameters, the system lets your complete lab functions in your style with infinitely configurable calculations and user fields. Test Reports and Certifications are built-in to AV Star Technologies and can be delivered automatically with the various customer via auto email facility. Test reports and any other relevant data can be sent through SMS also.

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The cement industry is one of the biggest industry across the globe as it is the main ingredient for any infrastructure. For all the cement processing organizations, high productivity is the critical factor that has to be achieved to maintain a reputed niche in the industry. However, the market opportunities have also led to increased competition with many of the world’s leading cement manufacturer entering India. The ability to integrate all these business functions in a single, seamless system allows for greater optimization at each part of the cement supply chain. The AV Star Technologies can support multiple factories and warehouses, different types of transactions (domestic & export) and even integrate with systems at vendors or customers end.

We believe that cement is a capital intensive industry and requires detailed production planning to ensure optimal use of the fixed assets that lead to early investment recovery. The cement industry is also an energy-intensive industry and AV Star Technologies production, and procurement engine takes special care to optimise the input energy costs. Logistics is another major cost area in this industry and AV Star Technologies logistics and distribution modules help bring efficiency to this area. The integrated business intelligence and reporting modules give you visibility over the entire operations and aid management decision making. In summary, with AV Star Technologies, you can be assured of getting the most out of your investment in this industry. AV Star Technologies provides specialized ERP solutions for the cement industry.

Distribution management solution & CRM enables you to check stock availability and book orders through mobile devices, drastically shortening the order servicing cycle times. You can get real-time information about operations, sales, etc., and make well-informed and timely decisions.

The solar industry is itself a complicated work as there is the number of raw materials, bought outs, consumables and many other items are involved in making it. The primary raw material in the Solar Panel is the cut-cell which made from the solar wafer. At a glance, all the cut cells look the same, but there are hundreds of variations in it. To manage all the specifications of solar panel and other solar item manufacturers we have developed a specific solution for this industry.

Onsite commissioning is also one of the critical parts of this industry as it involves onsite installation data, material consumption data, activities carried out at the location. The requirements include Site level photograph and location data. All this consider as EPC work which is an inbuilt module of DataNote ERP.

Solar Industry is becoming a huge industry. SAFAL have worked a lot with a client into the electric and solar industry like solar cut cell manufacturer, solar panel manufacturer, electric luminaries, CFL, electronic Ballast & starter manufacturer, LED product manufacturer, electrical inverter, stabilisers and transformer manufacturers. Our customer consists of manufacturers of discrete electric items as well as solar plant project implementer.