Health Care

Health and beauty distributors know the importance of running an efficient and effective supply chain. However, you face many unique challenges, such as retailer compliance issues, managing long lead times, monitoring production schedules and more. AV Star Techlogies solution includes all of the industry-specific functionality you need to simplify your complex supply chain and increase team member productivity.

ERP for Cosmetic Industry.Cosmetics manufacturing organisations require precise controls and quality management processes to sustain profitable success in such a competitive market. Lot tractability, QA testing, product change controls, FDA compliance, and managing product formulas are all examples of the many challenges Cosmetics manufacturers face every day to run their business.

Many Cosmetics manufacturing companies still find themselves struggling with disparate systems, paper-based processes, and redundant data entry (and re-entry!).

AV Star Techlogies
Staying competitive in the personal care products industry requires reducing the manual processes that hinder productivity and automating and streamlining standard methodologies for quality and compliance processes.

AV Star Techlogies 
enables health and beauty manufacturers, importers and distributors, to improve supply chain visibility, agility and collaboration across their entire supply chain.