Solar & Electronics

The solar industry is itself a complicated work as there is the number of raw materials, bought outs, consumables and many other items are involved in making it. The primary raw material in the Solar Panel is the cut-cell which made from the solar wafer. At a glance, all the cut cells look the same, but there are hundreds of variations in it. To manage all the specifications of solar panel and other solar item manufacturers we have developed a specific solution for this industry.

Onsite commissioning is also one of the critical parts of this industry as it involves onsite installation data, material consumption data, activities carried out at the location. The requirements include Site level photograph and location data. All this consider as EPC work which is an inbuilt module of DataNote ERP.

Solar Industry is becoming a huge industry. SAFAL have worked a lot with a client into the electric and solar industry like solar cut cell manufacturer, solar panel manufacturer, electric luminaries, CFL, electronic Ballast & starter manufacturer, LED product manufacturer, electrical inverter, stabilisers and transformer manufacturers. Our customer consists of manufacturers of discrete electric items as well as solar plant project implementer.